Technical Information

  • • Laminated glazing for added strength and security
  • • Wide range of visible light transmission
  • • Instant switching between light-blocking and light-transmissive states
  • • Light-blocking default state; no power required for maximum protection
  • • Nominal power draw in light-transmissive state
  • • 99% UV blocking at all times
  • • Optional features: Anti-Reflection, IR-Rejection, Ballistic/Blast-Resistance
  • VariGuard

    VariGuard SmartGlass VariGuard SmartGlass™ is the first and only display panel that offers a wide range of visible light transmission, instant switching between dark and clear states, and 99% UV-blocking at all times. Based on patented SPD light-control technology developed by Research Frontiers, VariGuard display panels optimally protect artifacts by limiting their light-exposure only to those times when people are viewing them.